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What Guests Are Saying - The OLOP Event Coordinator, June 10, 2013

... thanks for yesterday and I can’t thank you enough for offering to stay and work with the second group. Christy said you were fantastic and we’d love to have you back!

The Event Coordinator of Our Lady Of Peace, Louisville, KY

What Guests Are Saying - Sherry, Cincinnati, OH

My church group really enjoyed the walking tour. We couldn't have ordered up a better night. I'll tell others and recommend your tour when they are in town.

Sherry, Cincinnati, OH

What Guests Are Saying - Schmitt, Kansas City, MO

This was a perfect way to spend a Saturday night! You do a superb job.

Schmitt, Kansas City, MO

What Guests Are Saying - Libby, Louisville, KY

Loved the pictures you showed on the tour!

Libby, Louisville, KY

What Guests Are Saying - A. Kavangh, Spooner, WI

Being from Wisconsin, I'm glad that I booked the tour. I learned a lot of the city and I'm fascinated with ghosts. You're a wonderful storyteller.

A. Kavangh, Spooner, WI

What Guests Are Saying - E. Malloy, Louisville, KY

My friends and I had a ball. The pictures we got along the route are priceless! Good presentation, Mr. Ghost Walker. Keep up the good work.

E. Malloy, Louisville, KY

What Guests Are Saying - C. Smith, Louisville, KY

Great tour, worth every nickel. One of the best ghost walking tours that I've been on.

C. Smith, Louisville, KY

What Guests Are Saying - D. Jutz, Oklahoma

Fantastic tour!

D. Jutz, Oklahoma

What Guests Are Saying - C. Anderson, New Albany, IN

My husband and kids enjoyed the tour. Thanks for your interaction with the kids, they loved the attention.

C. Anderson, New Albany, IN

What Guests Are Saying - Smith, Springfield, MO

I can't say enough positive things. First, thanks for the excellent telephone communication, such prompt service and you answered all my questions prior to booking our party. My senior citizen party had a pleasant evening and never once felt rushed. You displayed great patience with our senior tour group and the laughter was wonderful.

Smith, Springfield, MO

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