Meet Mr. Ghost Walker, A Bio

Meet Mr. Ghost Walker: Robert Parker is a Louisville, Kentucky native and a middle school teacher in Jefferson County. He is the creator of 'the original' Louisville Ghost Walks.

Parker is no stranger to the public eye. After several appearances on local television as Mr. Ghost Walker, numerous articles have been published in the Courier-Journal newspaper, the Velocity, and the LEO magazines about him. Over the past seven years, the Louisville Ghost Walks have been a vital part of downtown Louisville's evening landscape.

Parker conducts many interviews with business and property owners, historians, employees, and just good folks who have had encounters with the paranormal around town. Parker is able to speak of first hand experiences that he has witnesses and enjoys sharing those stories with his audience.

This is what makes his tour different from all the rest, he says, 'The guests will hear not only first hand accounts of the paranormal, but hear testimony from people who have seen, heard, and even in some cases, felt sudden drops in temperatures. My tour isn't a scripted narration written by professional writers and memorized to be presented by an employee, but testimony that comes from the heart of a true believer in the paranormal. The evidence of the paranormal is presented to the guests. They can decide for themselves if the building is truly haunted and by whom.'

To Parker's credit, his first book, Haunted Louisville was released in May of 2007, and has been a remarkable success, with selling over 1,000 copies on the tours alone. His first book, Haunted Louisville is available in all the major bookstores and online, via this web site, as well as Border's Bookstore 4th Street Live, stated, "Haunted Louisville has been the number one best seller for a local author in the summer and fall season of 2008." His second book, Haunted Louisville....Beyond Downtown, has already been accepted by his publisher. Watch this web site for upcoming details on the second book.

Justin Coulter, Photographer